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All Things Money (ATM) is an easy-to-use personal finance app.

Simply log your transactions, and ATM does the rest.  It tracks your bills, creates budgets, and plans for retirement.  ATM also analyzes the stock market, evaluates mortgages, and enables inventory logging. To purchase the app, click on the Mac App Store icon.

This page contains the following sections.

  1. 1.Features

  2. 2.Reviews

  3. 3.FAQ

  4. 4.Release notes

  5. 5.Request feature

  6. 6.User’s guide


Account Dashboard

~Cash accounts~

The account dashboard organizes your financial information. Select a bank and account on the left and transactions display on the right. Upcoming bills are displayed on the lower right. ATM can import transactions from CSV, QIF, QFX, & OFX.

~Stock market accounts~

Simply switch the account type to “Stocks” and ATM displays your portfolio.  ATM can import stock trades from CSV and QIF.

Switch the account type to “Bonds” and ATM displays your U.S. savings bonds.  ATM can import U.S. savings bonds that are exported from

~U.S. savings bond accounts~

Bill Planner






The bill planner makes managing your finances more efficient.

  1. -Create recurring payments and deposits.

  2. -Automatically enter stock trades, which is useful for 401k-type accounts.

The budget tab quickly makes budgets based on your past transaction history. It uses color-coded alerts to draw attention to excessive spending. Additionally, four time-period settings make budgeting easy for any situation.

Do you like to be organized? Use the inventory feature to keep track of your collections.

ATM enables you to compare renting to buying. Being informed on how much you can afford takes a little bit of stress out of buying a home.


~Amortization Table~

Are you in the market to buy a home? The Amortization Table calculates mortgage payments.

Do you own a home? ATM can track your payments and update your amortization table if you pay extra principal.

~Renting versus Buying~

ATM plots your account history in net-worth plots. Also, ATM can plot stock prices from your portfolio.

The retirement feature aggregates your account information and projects your future net worth. Using the capital-recovery equation, it then calculates your annuity in retirement.

This tab also has a compound-interest calculator with nine formulas.

Given a URL to grab CSV quotes, ATM can display six stock market technical indicators including Bollinger bands, MACD, and volume. It also has the ability to display daily and weekly technicals simultaneously, which may help to spot trends.


The following user reviews are for All Things Money and All Things Money Lite. Usernames from the App store have been replaced by the country of origin. Both good and bad reviews are shown. When necessary, DeLullo Software (DS) explanations are provided in purple.

If you want to see a change in ATM, please post a review in the App Store. As more people request a feature, its priority increases.

~All Things Money~

Great support, great potential, great little app. ★★★★

UK - Version 1.4.0 - Oct 3, 2015

Having used and followed the development of this desktop app, I find it has great potential as the developer ALWAYS responds to suggestions and improvements very quickly. The concept of a "single do it all screen" is simple and efficient. The reports section (I am told) is being developed to incorporate additional report types. At the moment the areas that require immediate attention are the accuracy of "Transfering amounts between Accounts" along with the ability to create "scheduled transactions from the ones already entered in the Register" saving additional input. The developer has advised that these issues are being addressed in forthcoming updates. If it weren't for the "transfer" issue I would certainly have given this app 5 stars.

ATM February 2015 ★★★★

Canada - Version 1.2.0 - Feb 17, 2015

I tried ATM Lite for a day - it worked well. I quickly realised that for my money situation, I would need the full-up version. But I liked the structure of ATM Lite, so I thought investing $12 would be a low risk. And so it proved to be. I have used it for 4 months now. Tracking my spending and debt repayment is much more effective than when I tried to do this with home-grown spreadsheets. My financial institutions offer a variety of download options for transferring data - ATM accepts them all. The customer support is amazing - whether it is helping me with a specific situation, or addressing the one or two bugs that have materialized. I have always received a detailed answer within 48 hours - mostly less than 24 hours.

Good app/great support! ★★★★★

USA - Version 1.2.0 - Dec 29, 2014

Good app for what I need. I am really impressed by the great support. I had an issue importing information, and the developer of ATM got back to me very quickly with the help I needed. He’s clearly very responsive to users and cares about providing and continuing to develop a quality product. 5 stars thus far - great support and a developer who is committed to the product and accessible earns top marks in my book!

Huh? ★

USA - Version 1.1.1 - Jun 15, 2014

It’s difficult to use in so many ways. Not to mention that no tab works except “Accounts.” When I click on the others, nothing happens. Nothing. I got he app because the photos show some really helpful options…none of which actually work in real life.

DS: This review occurred when ATM was $5 USD. The author of the review did not email support with the problem, and the problem was not reproducible. Therefore, the author may be a troll. To combat trolls, the price of ATM rose to $10 USD and a Lite (free) version was created for people to try.

Aussie Alex ★★★★

Australia - Version 1.1.0 - Apr 18, 2014

This is good, it works, unlike some other apps with multiple bugs that they make you pay to fix. Little awkward at times, but it works. I have paid for 5 different apps to replace my Microsoft money manager to no avail all rip offs. This app is the best i have struck for simplicity, and it works!!!! as I want it to. Good job.

~All Things Money Lite~

Not satisfied ★

USA - Version 1.2.0 - Dec 25, 2014

This app doesn’t even let you see what your balance is after calculating your income and expenses. It’s missing simple necessary components.

DS: Balances are in many places in ATM. On the accounts tab, the balance of all transactions is in the upper left corner. Also, the two table views on the left show bank balances and account balances. Furthermore, the right-most column of the transactions register shows the running balance. Finally, the Retirement tab can be used to sum balances for each money source.

Simple improvements could help this App. ★★★

UK - Version 1.2.0 - Dec 1, 2014

Tried many different QIF formatted Imports without any success, then tried two QIF files exported from MoneyDance. These were imported without any problems. It’s really poor that the developer never allowed for any currency symbol other than the US Dollar. As I said, some relatively simple improvements to the QIF import and Currency symbol would help this App no end.

DS: The author of this review emailed support with specifics of the problem. With the author’s help, bugs were fixed in QIF imports. Also, ATM was reconfigured to use the currency symbol defined by the Language & Region system preference. Thank you for the help!

Pointless ★

UK - Version 1.2.0 - Nov 29, 2014

If this the anything like the paid for version, then don’t bother with either. There is no way to change the currency from USD. There is no way to set the initial value of the bank account. When you import a bank statement for 6 weeks for entries they are all entered on the same day. Deleted it immediately.

DS: 1. Following this review, international currency support has been enabled. 2. Setting the initial bank account value can be accomplished by creating an “Opening Balance” transaction. A future enhancement is planned that will offer more customization. But, the priority of this enhancement is low. 3. The same-date problem was likely a problem with the date formatter. While ATM tries to guess the date format, ATM also gives users the ability to provide it. When ATM cannot figure out the date, it uses the current date.

So far so good ★★★★★

USA - Version 1.2.0 - Oct 30, 2014

I have been using this for a while and have really enjoyed it, so far just for checkbook and bills and have had no issues. Auto bill deduct works perfectly. It took a little bit to learn it but once I did it has been the only one I use on my Mac, will probably get the paid version soon.

Waste of time ★

UK - Version 1.1.1 - Jul 21, 2014

Not worth wasting once's time and disk space. Useless app and had to uninstall it almost instantly. Such a disappointment indeed.

DS: The author of this review likely experienced some of the early internationalization bugs. Improvements to the international experience were delivered in versions 1.3.0 and 1.4.0.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add, delete, or modify categories?

  1. Add, delete, and rename categories via the Manage Categories menu option in the Accounts menu. For more information, please refer to the user's manual. Navigate to the Accounts section and view the topic labeled "Manage Categories."

How do I view stock quotes?

  1. Using the Stock menu item "Update URL Template," provide a URL that returns comma-separated stock quotes. For information on how to format the template, please refer to the Stocks section of the user's manual.

How do I import stock trades?

  1. Successful import of stock market trades requires mapping the actions in an import file to actions defined by All Things Money. To convert CSV files, a perl utility script has been written. For assistance with the script please contact support. The script is available at

How do I change the format of a file?

  1. Use perl via the Terminal application to change the line-ending format of a file. If you are running Mac OS X 10.7 or later, you can enable Terminal to open to a Finder window by modifying the System Preferences. Go to

  2. 1.System Preferences > Keyboard > Keyboard Shortcuts > Services

  3. 2.Scroll down the list to the “Files and Folders” section and enable the “New Terminal at Window” option.

  4. 3.Now, open Finder to the folder that contains the file to modify (called file.qif hereafter). Do the following.

  5. i.Make a copy of file.qif to keep as a backup. In Finder, control-click file.qif to bring up a menu and select duplicate.

  6. ii.Next, go up a level in Finder so that you can see the folder that contains file.qif.

  7. iii.Control-click the folder. In the Services menu, select “New Terminal at Folder.”

  8. iv.At this point, you have a Unix window.

  9. v.Execute “ls -rot” to list the files in the directory.

  10. vi.Verify that your file.qif is listed.

  11. vii.Execute the following perl command. Be sure to replace file.qif with your file’s name.

perl -pi -e 's/\r\n|\n|\r/\n/g' file.qif

  1. This command replaces any occurrences of ‘\r\n’, ‘\n’, or ‘\r’ with ‘\n’. In doing so, it will change the file format to UNIX. To format the file for DOS, change the last '\n' to '\r\n'. To format the file for old Mac, change the last '\n' to '\r'.

Release Notes

September 15, 2015

The All Things Money 1.4.0 update improves functionality and stability, and is recommended for all users.

New features include:

- Enabled QFX files with transactions to be imported.

- When importing a file, if transaction categories are not specified then they will be automatically set to the last category used by the payee.

- Added stock market technical indicators for Aroon, Money Flow, Relative Strength, and Fast Stochastic.

- Added the ability to simultaneously view weekly and daily stock technicals.

Stability improvements include:

- Added support for importing files with international character encodings.

- Fixed two bugs that affected printing functionality.

- Fixed QIF exports, which incorrectly had a percent symbol in the date field.

- Fixed international currency formatting of the payment and deposit columns.

All Release Notes

Request a feature. Make your voice heard!

As All Things Money development continues, you can vote for the next feature. To vote, simply post a review on the App Store with your choice. As votes are accumulated and new features are requested, this page will be updated.

Since users can post reviews for each version, votes will roll over. If a feature slips a release, please vote again by posting a new review.

Feature requests for version 2.0


Votes    Feature

2           Automatically reconcile imports (avoid duplicating transactions)

1           Multiple currency support

1           Make account transfers easier

1           The ability to create recurring payments from a transaction


Votes    Feature

1           Cash flow report

0           Spending-by-category report


Votes    Feature

1           Case in-sensitive auto-complete fields

1           Display negative balances in red

1           Display only the subcategory in the transactions register

1           Change the investment money source names (Cash, PreTax, PostTax, Roth)

0           Customizable technical indicators for the Stock Market feature

0           Change the background color for the app

User’s guide

The All Things Money user’s guide is available as a pdf here.